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GhostBox Radio has been around since 2015 in many iterations before landing at KTNF AM950 Radio in October of 2020. There is a huge back catalog of cool episodes from big names in the Paranormal and a ton of fascinating topics. Not everything is up yet but it is being uploaded regurlarly.

Such bonuses to be on patreon is exclusive content that will only be made available to Patreon members and early episodes when I need to pre-record opposed to going live. The money from Patreon goes to buying books for interviews (not all guests are able to provide books prior) and equipment and upkeep of equipment for live streaming.

This is how the Patreon page is organized to find episodes to listen to:

At the top of the Page, click collections, and from there you can see the different topics or collections of episodes put together so you can get to what you want to quickly. The collections are:

  • GhostBox Radio Archive Shows: Which is a catch all for everything to do with my radio show.
  • AM950 Radio Archive: This is all shows from AM950. Much to be added.
  • KCOR Archive: Episodes from my show when I was on the Las Vegas station. 2018-2020. I am starting to upload the 2019 episodes.
  • Para-X Radio Archives: My early shows from 2015 to 2017. Early on for me but some great content.
  • Angels/Energy/Metaphysical: Episodes that focus around Angelic or energy related topics. Not meant to be scary but beautiful & inspiring.
  • Bigfoot/Cryptozoology: Let’s talk about sighting of Bigfoot and Cryptids.
  • Demons/Demonology: Talking all things Demons & Exorcisms
  • Haunted Lodations and Destinations: We talk about specific locations on the shows and if you just want to know the lowdown on these amazing locations, start here!
  • Historic Figures and Locations: Some episodes are about history and this is where you will find them. I can’t guarantee they won’t have a paranormal twist to them though…..
  • Spirits & Ghosts Discussion: Episodes that talk and/or have guests about spirits or ghosts
  • UFO/Aliens: My radio episodes that have guests or topics connected to UFO or Ufology or UAPs.
  • Conspiracies: Did we land on the moon? Did the Government assissinate JFK? This is where we delve into those conspiracies.

Over time, we will add more shows to each collection and more collections too.

If you haven’t become a paid member of this Patreon, please consider doing so, it starts at $3/month and unlocks a lot of a great content.