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Ghosts of the American Revolution

Author: Sam Baltrusis

The American Revolution is stained with blood and its ghosts are still lurking in the shadows seeking postmortem revenge. Come explore the haunts associated with the colonial rebels’ fight for independence, from an aura of disaster lingering from the “shot heard round the world” in Concord, Massachusetts, to the battle cries of our forefathers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Using a paranormal lens, Baltrusis breathes new life into the ghosts of the American Revolution that include both unknown patriots and familiar names.

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Why There’s Doubt: Moon Landings

Author: Craig Fraley

Why do people doubt that America succeeded in landing men on the Moon? Is it simply a matter of wild speculation or are there actual facts to support the claim that man has never stepped foot on the lunar surface? In the face of all the evidence: thousands of photographs, hours of film footage, nearly 400,000 personnel who worked on the project, and astronaut testimony, millions of people the world over believe the Moon landings were a hoax.This work focuses on answering two questions:1. Why do so many people doubt the Moon landings took place?2. What evidence do they cite to support their contrary beliefs?Was it one small step for man, or one giant lie to mankind? One thing is for sure, after reading this book you’ll know… Why There’s Doubt

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Mary Shelley: The Strange True Tale of Frankenstein’s Creator

Author Catherine Reef

The story of Frankenstein’s creator is a strange, romantic, and tragic one, as deeply compelling as the novel itself. Mary ran away to Lake Geneva with the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley when she was just sixteen. It was there, during a cold and wet summer, that she first imagined her story about a mad scientist who brought a corpse back to life. Success soon followed for Mary, but also great tragedy and misfortune.
Catherine Reef brings this passionate woman, brilliant writer, and forgotten feminist into crisp focus, detailing a life that was remarkable both before and after the publication of her iconic masterpiece. Includes index.

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D. B. Cooper and Flight 305: Reexamining the Hijacking and Disappearance

Author: Robert H. Edwards

The only unsolved act of air piracy in US history from the perspective of a mathematician and pilot.

On November 24, 1971, a polite, nondescript, and dark-complexioned man calling himself “Dan Cooper” hijacked Northwest Airlines Flight 305, Boeing 727, between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. At Seattle International Airport, he demanded and received $200,000 and four parachutes, released the passengers, and ordered the crew to take him to Mexico. Somewhere along the way, he jumped. He was never found or identified. Forty-five years later, the FBI gave up the hunt. To show where and how the FBO could resume the search and possibly find out at last who “D. B. Cooper” really was, this book utilizes:

  • Previously unexamined data and original-source documents
  • Using statistics, aeronautics, and meteorology

Author Bob Edwards is an economist and a contractor in economic, demographic, and market research. He holds a private pilot’s license and has experience in parachuting, giving him a unique perspective in the possibilities of the D. B. Cooper case.

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The Holy Water Incident: The True Story of a Daughter’s Possession and Exorcism

Author: William Dorian

From an Innocent Teenage Life …

… To a Nightmare of Torment and Pain

William Dorian and his daughter Brittany learned the hard way that demonic possession is very real. This captivating book tells the shocking story of Brittany’s possession that began at age fifteen, recounting the overwhelming trauma that evil entities can wreak on a family’s quiet life. The Holy Water Incident reveals the heartache, frustration, and sheer terror that results when the family receives a cold shoulder from the local religious authorities and when the medical establishment’s only solution is confinement in a psychiatric unit. With little help from ministers or doctors, Brittany and her father desperately seek allies in a grueling spiritual battle that forever alters the lives of all who are involved.

Beginning with an innocent session with a spirit communication board and building in intensity to the point where multiple demons take hold of an innocent teenager’s life, this story shines a light on the traumatic wounds a possession can inflict … and the extreme measures a family will take to save their daughter from evil entities that are hell-bent on chaos and destruction.

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Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler

Authors: Simon Dunstan & Gerrard Williams

DID HITLER—CODE NAME “GREY WOLF”—REALLY DIE IN 1945? In a riveting scenario that has never been fully investigated until now, international journalist Gerrard Williams and military historian Simon Dunstan make a powerful case for the Führers escape to a remote enclave in Argentina-along with other key Nazis—where he is believed to have lived comfortably until 1962. Following years of meticulous research, the authors reconstruct the dramatic plot-including astonishing evidence and compelling testimony, some only recently declassified. Impossible to put down, Grey Wolf unravels an extraordinary story that flies in the face of history.  

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The Nixon-Gleason Alien encounter: An Investigation into Nixon’s Secret Airbase Meetings to View Extraterrestrials

Author: Paul Blake Smith

“After several decades of research, I’m convinced President Eisenhower’s administration established several extremely secret programs related to the ET presence. Throughout history, some presidents, including President Kennedy, were briefed on the ongoing situation. Paul’s book is shocking, but I believe history will show that his work is casting a light on an aspect of presidential awareness and involvement in the UFO/ET problem which has been ignored until now.” – Richard Geldreich, software developer and UFO researcher

Under the cover of night, on February 19th, 1973, another U.S. President witnessed extraterrestrials.

President Richard Nixon made a secret trip to a top security U.S. Air Force base, as his former boss, President Dwight Eisenhower, did in 1954. Nixon was said to have taken his golfing buddy, comedian Jackie Gleason. According to Gleason’s then wife, Beverly McKittrick Gleason, Jackie was deeply shaken later that night when he returned home and confessed to their clandestine trip.

As established in Smith’s previous work, President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters, this meeting was reminiscent of and perhaps even predicated by similar visits made by the president’s predecessors, as well as others in the American government and entertainment industry. This in-depth book will attempt to separate fact from fiction. These events were carried off without the public learning the hushed facts and data connecting the two different presidential administrations…

until now.

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Skinwalker Ranch: ENCOUNTERS

Authors: Ryan Skinner & Cheryl Lynn Carter

Are you brave enough to set foot on the haunted grounds of Skinwalker Ranch? Get ready to embark on an adventure where reality and myth blend together. It is a place where the supernatural becomes the natural. In this captivating anthology, renowned researcher Ryan Skinner and co-author Cheryl Carter reveal the spine-chilling stories of those who have come face-to-face with the mysterious entities that haunt the Ranch.

About the Book:
Set amidst Utah’s infamous Skinwalker Ranch, this book interweaves shocking eyewitness accounts from scientists, ranchers, and skeptics who have dared to confront its mysteries. Each chapter reveals a new layer of the mystery, presenting tales that will test your skepticism and make you question the true nature of reality.

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Heaven’s Gate: America’s UFO Religion

Author: Benjamin E. Zeller

2015 Best Book Award from the Communal Studies Association

The captivating story of the people of Heaven’s Gate, a religious group focused on transcending humanity and the Earth, and seeking salvation in the literal heavens on board a UFO

In March 1997, thirty-nine people in Rancho Santa Fe, California, ritually terminated their lives. To outsiders, it was a mass suicide. To insiders, it was a graduation. This act was the culmination of over two decades of spiritual and social development for the members of Heaven’s Gate.

In this fascinating overview, Benjamin Zeller not only explores the question of why the members of Heaven’s Gate committed ritual suicides, but interrogates the origin and evolution of the religion, its appeal, and its practices. By tracking the development of the history, social structure, and worldview of Heaven’s Gate, Zeller draws out the ways in which the movement was both a reflection and a microcosm of larger American culture. The group emerged out of engagement with Evangelical Christianity, the New Age movement, science fiction and UFOs, and conspiracy theories, and it evolved in response to the religious quests of baby boomers, new religions of the counterculture, and the narcissistic pessimism of the 1990s. Thus, Heaven’s Gate not only reflects the context of its environment, but also reveals how those forces interacted in the form of a single religious body.

In the only book-length study of Heaven’s Gate, Zeller traces the roots of the movement, examines its beliefs and practices, and tells the captivating story of its people.

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Alcatraz: The Last Escape

Authors: Ken Widner & Mike Lynch

When Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin boldly escaped from Alcatraz prison on June 11, 1962, it is widely believed that they succumbed to the waters of San Francisco Bay, though no trace of the men has ever been found, only their makeshift raft. In this reexamination of the escape and its aftermath, the Anglin brothers’ nephew presents compelling evidence that his uncles did in fact survive and eventually made their way to Brazil, where they married and had children. Using official; government documents the authors show how mobster Mickey Cohen may have been involved in the escape, some revealing letters from fellow inmate Whitey Bulger, and recorded testimony from the person who facilitated their escape to Brazil, the authors make a strong case for the Anglin brothers’ survival. In addition, a 1975 photograph of the brothers in Brazil has overcome all challenges to its authenticity by skeptics. This book provides a plausible outcome to one of America’s enduring mysteries.

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Bram Stoker: Author of Dracula: An Illustrated Biography

Author: Neil Storey

Bram Stoker: Author of Dracula is an affectionate and revealing biography of the man who created the vampire novel that would define the genre and lead to a new age in Gothic horror literature.

Based on decades of painstaking research in libraries, museums, and university archives and privileged access to private collections on both sides of the Atlantic, the private letters of Bram and the reminiscences of those who knew him not only shed new light on Stoker’s ancestry, his life, loves and friendships they also reveal more about the places and people who inspired him and how he researched and wrote his books. Bram wrote numerous articles, short stories and poetry for newspapers and magazines, he had a total of eleven novels and two collections of short stories published in his lifetime, but he would only become known for one of them – Dracula. Tragically, he did not live long enough to see it as a huge success.

In his heyday as Acting Manager for Sir Henry Irving at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End of London, Bram was a well-known figure in a golden age of British theater. He was a big-framed, ebullient, genial, gentleman, with red hair and beard, who never lost his soft Irish brogue, was blessed with wit, and a host of entertaining stories fit for every occasion. Described as having the paw of Hercules and the smile of Machiavelli, above all he knew what it meant to be a loyal friend.

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A History of the End of the World: Over 75 Tales of Armageddon and Global Extinction from Ancient Beliefs to Prophecies and Scientific Predictions

Author: Tim Rayborn

The sky is falling with this complete collection of history’s greatest end-of-the-world predictions!

Every time you scan the news, it feels as though the world is hurtling toward its end. While no one knows whether that is actually true or not, A History of the End of the World makes it clear that this inclination toward apocalyptic thinking has been present throughout human history, guiding some of its most powerful personages and brightest minds. Paced by frightful prophecies, catastrophic predictions, startling science, suspenseful storytelling, and epic illustrations, A History of the End of the World frames humanity’s obsession with the Armageddon like never before, providing valuable insight into our nature.

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The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion and Alien Mythos

Author: Scott Alan Roberts

“Fortunately, Scott Roberts boldly goes where few men have surfaced from, providing a well-balanced, innovative, and insightful approach to the topic.” —Philip Coppens, author of The Ancient Alien Question

Where the bloodlines of the Nephilim leave off, the real story just begins.

Or does it go back even further than that?

The very real probability that non-human intelligences visited and even copulated with primordial humans is detailed in civilization’s most ancient cultural and religious records. These historical records further reveal that these intelligences were reptilian in nature–or, at the very least, have been represented throughout human history in reptilian form.

From the Serpent, Nawcash, in the Garden of Eden; Atum, the Egyptian snake-man; and Quetzalcotl, the feathered serpent god of the Mayans to the double-helix snake symbol of Enki/Ea in ancient Sumerian literature, the serpent has been the omnipresent link between humans and the gods in every culture.

In The Secret History of the Reptilians, Scott Alan Roberts investigates and examines the pervasive presence of the serpent in human history, religion, culture, and politics.

Are we the product of an extraterrestrial race that moves and breathes–and even breeds–beneath the surface of all of human history?

Put on your thinking cap and take an historical, anthropological, archaeological plunge into the heady waters of extraterrestrial origins.

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Unlock the Unknown: Keys to the Paranormal

Authors: Heather Bourget & Kristin Menth

In 2015, a world hidden from view came into sudden, sharp focus for Heather and Kristin as they began their pursuit of the paranormal; this is the extraordinary beginning of their quest to Unlock the Unknown. Join them as they take you into a world that has silently coexisted and patiently waited to be explored. “Heather and Kristin have done a fantastic job of offering readers the change to go behind the scenes of paranormal investigations and letting them see first-hand what it’s like to search out the haunted history of the sites. In this book, they take us on the hunt for ghostly evidence and provide the real stories that created the hauntings in the first place. I recommend this one and know you’re going to want to add it to your collection of spirited books!” Troy Taylor American Haunting Inc Each investigation, each brush with the unknown, becomes a stepping stone on their path to knowledge as they confront their fears, preconceptions, and limitations. Unlock the Unknown is more than just the tale of a paranormal investigator; it’s an ode to the human spirit’s relentless pursuit of truth. Through countless hours of online research, Unlock the Unknown meticulously unveils history and personal interpretation into each location, piecing together the fragmented accounts of the past. “I’d say this is the best writing on the school I’ve seen so far.” Justin Libigs Owner of First Ward School Journey into uncharted territories and unveil the mysteries of locations, both occupied and abandoned. From First Ward School, Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and Vaile Mansion, to the Sheboygan County Hospital, Stone Mansion, and Morse Mill. In a world that prefers the comfort of the known, join them on their journey that defies the boundaries of traditional understanding. Heather and Kristin push the boundaries of conventional wisdom as they chart a course and begin to Unlock the Unknown.

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The Truth About the Shroud of Turin: Solving the Mystery

Author: Robert K. Wilcox

Is the shroud of Turin—an ancient linen bearing the mysterious image of a man, purported to be Jesus of Nazareth—the ingenious work of an artist, or the true shroud of Christ? For centuries, this question has perplexed and enticed the most brilliant minds. Now, in The Truth about the Shroud of Turin: Solving the Mystery, journalist Robert K. Wilcox investigates every aspect of the shroud’s history, from the ancient Egyptian weave of the cloth to the possible role of radiation in forming the image on its surface. Drawing on evidence collected over thirty years of travel, interviews with experts, and painstaking research, Wilcox presents the full story of the shroud in astonishing detail. The shroud of Turin—a clever hoax or the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ? Read this reporter’s journey and discover the truth.

“Wilcox weaves an intriguing detective story, utilizing over 30 years of research including trips the world over, seeking to unravel the secrets of the world’s most intensely-studied artifact, giving readers much evidence to decide if the Shroud is just an elaborate hoax or the actual burial cloth of Jesus.”
—JOSEPH MARINO, shroud scholar

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Ghosts of Ireland on a Medium’s Vacation

Author: Rob Gutro

Planning a trip to Ireland? Meet Tortured Prison Ghosts! Castle Ghosts and more!
Experience the history and the hauntings in “Ghosts of Ireland on a Medium’s Vacation.” Medium Rob Gutro sometimes finds it difficult to ignore earthbound ghosts when they want to be heard, especially on vacation. He encountered ghosts in cities including Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Cashel, and the Dingle Peninsula. Meet the ghosts who shared their stories, including prisoners lingering in Cork City Gaol, historic sites, castles, and even a haunted shopping mall. There’s even a past-life experience during the trip and a visit from a loving spirit.

The book’s cover is a photo of a male ghost Rob sensed and photographed in a sealed-off corridor in the Cork City Gaol.

This is the third book in Gutro’s popular “Ghosts on a Medium’s Vacation” series. The others include Ghosts of England on a Medium’s Vacation and Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre on a Medium’s Vacation.

Rob Gutro is a medium, paranormal investigator and author of three series of books, he has won an international book award for 3 years in a row, has had several #1 books and all have been best-sellers.

Use this book as a paranormal tour guide throughout Ireland!

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The Leprechaun’s Story: As told by Lloyd to Tanis Helliwell

Author: Tanis Helliwell

A story like no other! Welcome to THE LEPRECHAUN’S STORY.

In his autobiography Lloyd, an Irish leprechaun, invites us into his world of friendly goblins, inept elves, clever leprechauns (well, of course) and you see through his eyes the magical world of nature spirits that exists only a blink away from the human world.

Join Lloyd as he recounts his childhood, courting and handfasting, an Irish wake, and how he ‘got the gold’ and meet his emancipated lass and non-conformist son. Great good humor rolls through his story interlaced with wisdom about how he and other elementals want to partner with humans to create a wonderful world.

Tanis Helliwell met Lloyd many years ago and wrote the cherished classic Summer with the Leprechauns about the experience. Here, however, she remains fully in the background, only recounting his words.

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Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead

Author: John Russell

“John Russell’s Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead is an incredible supernatural journey that will mesmerize your soul.” — Uri Geller, Celebrity Psychic, TV star, author

John’s first multi-award-winning book, Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead, will take you along with the author on a truly magical ride as he travels thousands of miles off the beaten path to explore the paranormal from the seat of his beloved motorcycle, Melissa. Everywhere he roams ghosts, angels, and the spirits of the dead come to greet him, communicating intriguing messages and providing John with an incredible array of otherworldly manifestations.

Come with John on an exciting daylong ride filled with mind-blowing supernatural interactions that appear to have been instigated by the intelligences behind crop circles.

Hike through vast, lonely woods and experience a lifesaving encounter with a ghostly owl and a Native American Indian Spirit in a haunted forest.

Enjoy a day’s ride from John’s home base in Florida to Georgia, arriving at Savannah’s famed Bonaventure Cemetery for a revealing paranormal investigation that will leave you astounded, giving proof that invisible intelligences watch us and hear the words we speak.

And then, just imagine:  making a phone call…to a ghost?  Encountering—and having interactions with—multiple UFOs.  Experience not just one visitation from a deceased pet, but two!  Get your copy of Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead today and enjoy these incredible true stories of the paranormal.  Come along for the ride!

John Russell has been a professional psychic for 50 years. Internationally known, he has provided psychic readings for clients in over 40 countries.  For over 18 years he has been a popular featured guest, heard worldwide, on many radio shows and podcasts, including nine appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Also available by John Russell:  “A Knock in the Attic” and “20 Ways to Increase Your Psychic Abilities.”

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Field Guide to the Spirit World: The Science of Angel Power, Discarnate Entities, and Demonic Possession

Author: Susan B. Martinez

A comprehensive examination of the many ways the spirit world affects our minds and the material plane

• Provides a detailed guide to the Afterlife and its inhabitants

• Reveals the spirit influence behind many mental disorders as well as psi abilities and creative genius

• Includes checklists of symptoms of spirit “overshadowing,” methods from the world’s top exorcists, and instructions on how to free unwanted spirits from the material plane

We are spirits housed in a body, and just as houses can be haunted, so can people. When the living succumb to dissociative states of consciousness, they become a magnet for lost but clinging spirits. Known as jinndybbukdaemonwuqabi, or simply the undead, they hover unseen on the earth plane, ready to inhabit the most suitable body available.

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Angel Trippin’

Author: Ch Jodi M. Denn

Day trips. Weekend road trips. Longer trips around the world. No matter where you go, and no matter how long, angels are always with you when you travel. Take a fun-filled adventure and discover how angels enhance your travel experiences, and learn how to communicate with them for guidance, safety, and maximum fun. Packed with stories, tips and other helpful information, this guide will have you trippin’ with your angels in no time. This is your guide to angel adventures.

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Chasing Shadows: Genesis 

Author: Zachariah Jones

In 1924, Sarah O’Connell, a socialite and spiritualist, is brutally murdered. The local authorities do not have a single suspect. After receiving an anonymous letter, Jarek Videni, a young intuitive from New York City, travels to the American Midwest to help solve the case. However, Jarek learns quickly that there is no single suspect in the case because everyone in the house is a suspect… even the spirits.

This unsolved case is surrounded with mystery, horror, and a dark presence that fills the family’s home and calls out to Jarek. This presence is watching… waiting… and listening.

Jarek must use his gifts to read the cards, reach beyond the veil, uncover the many secrets that haunt the O’Connell mansion, and find the killer before they strike again. But will he be able to solve this case before it’s too late?

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Author: Lynn Monet

Life could have never prepared my family or me for the horrors that we endured after the purchase of our new home. It was a time of heartbreaking disappointment, confusion and questioning of my faith. I have a deep love for God the Almighty. Never in a million years would I have thought that my faith would be tested in such a severe way. My bond with God is even stronger today and my understanding richer. Here is my story, along with the stories of eight of the thirteen witnesses that either eye-witnessed or experienced paranormal activity in my new home. The remaining stories I have retold to the best of my recollection as they were told to me in the cases of witnesses that I could no longer find. Those names have been changed in this book. I am not a writer or author. This is simply what happened. You can believe it or not. During the writing of this book, the script has completely disappeared two different times and had to be rewritten. I am shocked at the lack of real help that is out there for this kind of thing. And how expensive the help can be once it is found, whether it works or not. No guarantee, no refund. If you suspect that you have ghosts and have never had a diagnosis of schizophrenia, you probably do. If your child tells you that they saw something similar more than once, I would bet that they did. Even though you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Believe it. You don’t need someone to come to your place, take pictures, rile up your ghosts, take your money and then leave you with angry spirits. That kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think? I will explain, in detail, how to determine if you have ghosts in your house at the end of this book. Dealing with ghosts is not a game and should not be taken lightly.

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The Murder of Richard Jennings: The True Story of New York’s First Murder for Hire

Author: Michael J. Worden

The brutal murder of Richard Jennings in December of 1818 would gain notoriety as the first murder for hire in New York. It would also be remembered as an imperfect crime. Four men – James Teed, David Dunning, David Conkling and Jack Hodges – and one woman, Hannah Teed, had conspired to murder Jennings after losing a protracted court battle over a parcel of land. Poorly made plans and rumors in the close knit community of Sugar Loaf led to a quick unraveling of the conspiracy and arrest of the perpetrators. Future President Martin Van Buren assisted in prosecuting the case which ended up with two men in prison and two men to face the hangman before a crowd of almost 20,000 people. One of the men spared the noose would later end up a renowned Christian with a memorial in his honor. Author and police detective Michael J. Worden explores the complexity of this incident in an entertaining yet historically accurate manner. Worden examines the case from the origins of the dispute, to the plot, murder, and aftermath. Worden has redefined what a true crime book should be.

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The Scary Book of Christmas Lore: 50 Terrifying Yuletide Tales from Around the World

Author: Tim Rayborn

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen…but do you recall the most petrifying Christmas figures of all? Not all children fear just a lump of coal in their stockings. Discover the terrifying Yuletide fables that have horrified kids for generations.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake. This lighthearted song is a bit more ominous in the context of other Christmas traditions. From beasts that threaten to cook children into stew to sinister crones who snatch little ones from their beds, you won’t find any dancing sugar plums here. Outside of the heartwarming Christmas tales we all know and love, there are an abundance of frightening stories to chill all who hear them to the bone. Discover folklore from all corners of the world, including:

  • Krampus (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and northern Italy), a demonic half-goat monster who drags chains and whips bad children with birch sticks, or stuffs them in his sack to take away
  • The Kallikantzari (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Turkey), goblins who come out during Advent to cause mischief
  • Père Fouettard (France, Belgium, Switzerland), Saint Nicholas’ eternal cannibal manservant who deals with naughty children
  • Hans Trapp (Alsace-Lorraine, France), who roams the countryside disguised as a scarecrow and goes door to door on Christmas looking for children to feast upon
  • Gryla (Iceland), the giant ogre who emerges from her cave on Christmas to hunt children and cook them into stew
  • Mari Lwyd (Wales), a creature with a horse’s skull and a long cloak that is followed by a group of chanting people
  • Frau Perchta (Austria and Bavaria), who slits the bellies of bad children and stuffs them with straw

These tales are sure to leave you wishing for the Grinch. Whether you are a fan of history and folklore, you love learning about different cultures, or you just want to give a holiday gift that will bring the joy of Christmas to that lucky someone (just kidding), The Scary Book of Christmas Lore is for you. ’Tis the season! Is it beginning look a lot like Christmas, yet?

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Texas Bigfoot: History, Legends, and Modern Encounters in the Lone Star State

Author: Lyle Blackburn

When most people think of Texas, Bigfoot is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Tales of the Alamo, cowboys, oil tycoons, and legendary football games are more likely to crop up in conversation than what most would consider a mystery best suited for the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Yet Texas is a vast place full of strange anomalies that are often as big as its ten-gallon reputation, and that includes sightings of ape-like creatures fitting the description of Bigfoot.

For nearly two hundred years, residents of the Lone Star State have reported dramatic encounters with elusive wildmen and hair-covered beasts that surely rival those from any part of the world. Texas may be known for its western landscapes yet its true geography is incredibly diverse, offering miles upon miles of piney woods, dense thickets, creeks, and even swamps where mysterious creatures may indeed roam and flourish. Is Sasquatch among them? Find out as I offer a thrilling journey across the wilds of the Lone Star State where true tales of the Texas Bigfoot may surprise and even shock you. They say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and if so, this may well be the state’s biggest and most unexpected mystery of all.

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Conspiracies Declassified: The Skeptoid Guide to the Truth Behind the Theories

Author: Brian Dunning

A collection of the wildest conspiracies to ever exist, from mind control experiments to lizard people, this book explores, debunks—and sometimes proves—the secret stories that don’t quite make it into the history books.

What’s fact and what’s fiction? With conspiracy theories, sometimes it’s hard to get to the truth!

In Conspiracies Declassified, author and expert skeptic Brian Dunning explains fifty true stories of famous conspiracies throughout history. From the moon landing hoax, to chemtrails, to the mind control dangers of fluoride, Dunning is here to sort the truth from the lies to tell you what really happened.

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The Unknown Other: and the Existential Proposition of Alien Contact

Author: Lester Velez

A look at how OPUS, the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support came about to help people with their paranormal experiences and the paranormal phenomenon of Alien Contact and the physiological and psychological characteristics along with the latest UAP information presented by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

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Dimensions: Mysteries Triangles of the U.S.

Author: Cheryl Lynn Carter

There are mysterious doorways, parallel dimensions, and alternate realms in the universe that might compel us to question everything we thought we knew.

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Superstitions: A Handbook of Folklore, Myths, and Legends from around the World (Volume 5) (Mystical Handbook, 5)

Author: D.R. McElroy

Across all cultures and spanning centuries, superstitions rooted in cultural legends and myths have formed and influenced daily life. Superstitions: A Handbook of Folklore, Myths, and Legends from around the World​ explains how and why these legends and the associated behaviors behind them developed, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

In this definitive reference, you’ll learn the fascinating and often bizarre histories of a comprehensive range of superstitions from around the world. For example, the belief that one will have seven years’ bad luck if you break a mirror is said to come from the Romans, who were the first to create glass mirrors. And in Japanese culture, cutting your nails at night is thought to lead to a quick death because the two phrases sound similar.

You’ll also find out why some superstitions vary from culture to culture. For instance, the “unlucky” number 13 is considered a bad omen in some countries, like the US, and “lucky” in other countries, like Italy—where the number 17 is considered unlucky. The information is organized by country, so you can easily investigate the popular superstitions linked to your own or other specific ethnic heritage or cultural identity.

Satisfy your burning curiosity with this complete guide to superstitions, folklore, and myths.

The Mystical Handbook series from Wellfleet takes you on a magical journey through the wonderful world of spellcraft and spellcasting. Explore a new practice with each volume and learn how to incorporate spells, rituals, blessings, and cleansings into your daily routine. These portable companions feature beautiful foil-detail covers and color-saturated interiors on a premium paper blend.

Other titles in the series include: WitchcraftLove SpellsMoon MagicKnot Magic, and House Magic.

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The Horrors of the House of Wills: A True Story of a Paranormal Investigator’s Most Terrifying Case

Author: Daryl Marston

Every paranormal investigator has one location that shakes them to the core.

This one almost broke Daryl, in more ways than one.

Within the House of Wills lurks an evil that has had many years to fester, slowly growing more and more until it became the perfect paranormal storm. This former funeral home in Cleveland, Ohio, brought Daryl Marston, co-lead on A&E’s Ghost Hunters, to his knees, rebuilding him as a man and an investigator.

While exploring, Daryl lost large chunks of time, heard phantom footsteps run down the hallways, and felt dark spirits try to invade his mind. Daryl left a bit of himself there that night―and took something home with him as well.

Experience this hotbed of paranormal activity through Daryl’s first-hand account of the thirteen-hour investigation and the life-altering haunting that happened afterwards.

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Confrontation with Evil: The 1949 Saint Louis Exorcism

Author: Steven LaChance

Known as the 1949 St. Louis Exorcism, the story of a possessed boy was immortalized in the groundbreaking novel and film, The Exorcist. Much has been written about the case but the truth has been shrouded in secrecy…until now.

Join Steven A. LaChance as he shares the shocking evidence for how a family’s grief over the death of an aunt progressed into a full-blown demonic possession. While the conventional story is that the boy brought the demonic infestation upon himself, LaChance convincingly suggests an alternative interpretation and provides new insights into the nature of possession itself.

The events of 1949 culminated in grueling exorcism rites but the story doesn’t end there as LaChance guides readers through the stunning aftermath that forever changed the Catholic church and the city of St. Louis.

With over a decade of research this native St. Louis author shares the truth behind one of the most disturbing true horror stories of our time. This Special Edition of this bestselling book contains even more research and photos surrounding this groundbreaking case. 

Confrontation with Evil has been featured and praised in both The New York Post and The Sun. St. Louis Go Magazine called it the Best Book of 2018. Many agree that not only is Confrontation with Evil the definitive telling of this harrowing true case but this book is destined to become a True Horror Classic, much in the same way as Steven LaChance’s book The Uninvited. 

Confrontation with Evil is now being featured in the new documentary by 1895 Films streaming on Discovery+ titled The Exorcism of Roland Doe an addition to its Shock Docs series.

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Author: Cheryl Lynn Carter

Consciousness is described as perceptual awareness or higher-order thought. Further study of consciousness reveals the possibility of human interaction with non-human intelligence. Those who have had encounters or experienced abduction know this to be true. These encounters leave them with more questions than answers and wondering why they were CHOSEN.

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Robert the Doll

Author: David L. Sloan

In 1904, a doll was given as a gift to a young boy in Key West, Florida. The boy gave the doll his own name – Robert – and the two became inseparable. The doll was blamed for many things. People heard it giggle and saw it move on its own. Voodoo was suspected. Today Robert resides behind a protective case at a Key West museum where hundreds of visitors each year experience things not normally associated with dolls. The dolls origins have been questioned for years. This book reveals Robert’s true origins, tracing the many legends surrounding the doll back to their original sources, revealing the true story of Robert the Doll.

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Demons: A Secular Look

Author: Joseph C. Stewart

Demons are real; they roam our world looking for opportunities to heap destruction upon us. They are ruled by blind hatred toward humanity, and they don’t discriminate. Man, woman, or child—all are fair game. Journey into the realm of these horrific creatures with a real demon hunter to see the intense carnage unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Find out how prevalent demons are in our society outside religious persuasion, consider relevant and new research, and read true stories of possession. Discover what these parasites are and what they do, understand their makeup and behaviors, and learn how to get rid of them should you become afflicted. Through trial and error, with significant physical and mental risk to the author, a new exorcism technique of binding demons is unveiled here. Against all odds, the author survives to tell his story. Consider this book a warning . . .

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Runes for Transformation: Using Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life

Author: Kaedrich Olsen

Runes have long been used as vital tools for transformation. The Norse employed them as tools for communication, and the Vikings would use them as wisdom before embarking on a journey or entering battle. Runic scholar Kaedrich Olsen reclaims the transformative power of the runes for readers today as a key to unlocking our potential for personal growth and our life’s vision. Runes for Transformation is unlike any other rune book on the market, with Olsen’s unique techniques and applications for this ancient alphabet including affirmations, NLP, visualizations, and meditation, as well as the historical background essential to embarking on this path.

A highly respected teacher and transpersonal path worker, Kaedrich Olsen posits that the time for this “deeper working” of the runes has come and this will aid readers in both personal and collective evolution. Runes for Transformation is a rich resource and excellent guide for readers to take the steps to change their lives with a boldly modern approach to the ancient runes and for “change that really matters.”

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The Book of Candle Magic: Candle Spell Secrets to Change Your Life

Author: Madame Pamita

Madame Pamita’s Ultimate Guide to Candle Magic Success

Featuring authentic candle magic that anyone can do, this joyous book encourages you to dance in the moonlight and rekindle your spark of magic with a little wick, wax, and flame. Renowned practitioner Madame Pamita guides you every step of the way as you perform spells and gain the confidence to create your own. The Book of Candle Magic empowers you to manifest more happiness, love, prosperity, and fulfillment. Learn to make candles from scratch, do candle readings, start your personal grimoire, add some pizzazz to your rituals, and much more. It’s time to reclaim your birthright of using fire to reach your magical goals―this irresistible book shows you how.

Includes a foreword by Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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Witness to Roswell, 75th Anniversary Edition: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up

Authors: Thomas J. Carey & Donald R. Schmitt

“When I finished Witness to Roswell, I said to myself, ‘Case closed!’ for the very wealth and sheer weight of eyewitness testimony.”—George Noory, host, Coast to Coast AM

This classic in the field of UFOology is filled with hard-hitting eyewitness testimony of one of the most important events of all time: the actual recovery of a UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. For more than 70 years, government authorities have led us to believe the wreckage was merely a very conventional weather balloon—but the witnesses who were there continue to tell a different story.

Witness to Roswell once again provides a “can’t put down” written account of what really transpired in Roswell decades ago. It pries loose the truth the government doesn’t want us to know including the revelations of Walter Haut. This edition includes:

  • A growing litany of deathbed confessions describing the “little people” recovered at the crash site.
  • The most comprehensive time line of events ever published on this seminal event.
  • The identity of the Boeing engineer called in to examine the exotic wreckage from the crash.
  • What really took place at the Roswell base hospital and what nurse actually ordered the children’s caskets.
  • The story of the soldier who wore gloves at the dinner table after guarding the “bodies.”

Clearly, the implications of this information are foreboding. One need only look at the fact that officials now have four explanations for this historic event—but to which one do all the witnesses testify on their deathbeds?

Witness to Roswell once again demonstrates to the world that no statute of limitation applies to the truth: We are not alone.

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Confident Empath: A Complete Guide to Multidimensional Empathing and Energetic Protection

Author: Suzanne Worthley

Practices for empaths to protect themselves, heal energetically, and discover self-empowerment

• Explores different types of empaths and empathing, including sensitive empaths, psychic empaths, and quantum and paranormal empathing

• Offers advanced strategies for energetically protecting yourself and your loved ones

• Looks at the connection between limiting beliefs and empathic behaviors, including how to release limiting beliefs and how empathic behaviors are connected to the health of your energy field

There is no doubt we are living in a time of significant global upheaval and change. Yet psychic empath Suzanne Worthley, a highly skilled professional intuitive energy practitioner, shares how as an empath you can still live an empowered life, energetically protect yourself and your loved ones, and contribute in a meaningful way to creating a more positive, life-affirming reality on every level of dimension.

Starting with the basics of human energy systems, Suzanne explores different types of empaths, the three expressions of empathy, and the differences between empathy and sympathy—and why one is truly helpful and the other limiting. You will learn how to identify and release different types of limiting beliefs, both learned and programmed into our beings. You will also discover how to prevent unwanted energy transference and learn the fascinating skill of empathing buildings, land and the natural world, and other dimensions.

Confident Empath delves into aspects of empathing not often explored, such as quantum and paranormal empathing, soul contracts, and advanced empathing strategies. Interspersed throughout the guide are extraordinary and compelling true accounts from Suzanne’s professional work that illustrate the concepts taught: from encountering intermingled timelines from the 1800s to a healing investigation that walked through the holographic history of a more than 100-year-old brothel.

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Fueled by Fear: Lessons Learned While Chasing Ghosts Paperback 

Author: Sam Baltrusis

What scares you? For Sam Baltrusis, author of Ghosts of Salem and Related to Evil, fear has been his archenemy. He’s afraid of clowns, dolls, disembodied voices, flying, and the dark—in fact, he has slept with the lights on for most of his life. As a psychic-medium featured on shows like A Haunting and The Curse of Lizzie Borden, Baltrusis has also been haunted—and hunted—by the things that go bump in the night. He has had several face-to-face encounters with a hat-wearing shadow entity with red glowing eyes that appears to stalk him in Salem, Massachusetts. In an attempt to confront his demons and ultimately break out of his self-made prison, Baltrusis visits some of America’s most terrifying places and discovers that the monsters lurking in the shadows are also fueled by fear.

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The Night Visitants: A Ufologist, An Experiencer, And The Undefinable

Author: Anna Maria Manalo & Thomas Conwell

Compelled to unravel the mystery of the abduction phenomenon, mild-mannered Tom, a ufologist and pattern researcher, goes on a quest to prove a hypothesis: that extraterrestrials are here. Now in his twilight years, he immerses himself in a relentless pursuit of true abductees. Armed with a growing list of followers on social media, he sends out questionnaires to quell his thirst for the most compelling evidence of alien abduction: the experiencers themselves.

At least fifty people replied, but among them, five stood out. One, a woman who is now in her seventies, amplifies his growing dread and ratchets his nightmares into a volley of truth that endangers his life, but he is inevitably forced to accept what is beyond his control.

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Women of the Paranormal Volume I: A Brief History

Author: Alex Matsuo

Discover the legacies of some of the most influential women in the paranormal field.

If you’re looking for a celebration of women throughout the history of parapsychology, folklore, and psychical research, then look no further! This book is for you!

Sharing the stories of over 35 groundbreaking women in a male-dominated field, paranormal researcher Alex Matsuo excavates the buried legacies of women in the paranormal who were often overshadowed and almost forgotten. From paranormal investigators to parapsychologists to psychic mediums to cryptozoologists, you’ll discover an incredible world where women not only inspired the paranormal world, but set the very foundation for modern-day investigation and psychic practices.

This book pays homage to the women who were trailblazers: they broke barriers, pushed against societal expectations, and made their voices louder when society tried to speak over them. They are a testament of courage and perseverance in a world that would have rather ignored them than empower them. Reading their stories will leave you feeling inspired and in awe of their tenacity!

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Introduction to The Demonic: Demonic Education

Author: Dr. Kenneth Torres D.D.

An Introduction explores demonic possession and its implications for physical and spiritual well-being. It offers a comprehensive overview of demonic possession’s causes, symptoms, treatments, and how these issues are viewed in different cultures and religions. In addition, it examines the implications of the increasing prevalence of demonic possession in the modern world, including the impact on mental health and the criminal justice system. With a clear understanding of demonic possession and its potential impact, readers can make informed decisions about protecting themselves and their loved ones from its influence.

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Lynched by a Mob! The 1892 Lynching of Robert Lewis in Port Jervis, New York

Author: Michael J. Worden

On the evening of June 2, 1892, a frenzied mob dragged Robert Lewis nearly a half a mile through the streets of Port Jervis, New York, before hanging him from the limb of a tree. Lewis, an African American, was no stranger to the village: he had lived and worked in Port Jervis all his life. But on that fateful night, Lewis stood accused of brutally raping a young, white woman named Lena McMahon, and for that he would suffer an ignominious death. Local authorities and civic leaders were powerless to stop the raging mob, and, despite the large number of witnesses present, nobody was ever held accountable for his murder. 130 years later the complete story of the lynching is told. Was Lewis set up to commit the crime? Who instigated the mob? Why wasn’t anyone held accountable? Author Michael J. Worden has spent years researching the details of the case, uncovering court documents that haven’t been seen in 130 years, and tracking down the ultimate fate of Lena McMahon.

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