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Welcome to GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun. Broadcasting LIVE Monday-Friday on AM950 Radio in the Twin Cities at 10 pm CST you can listen to the show live everywhere streaming on AM950 Radio website or watching the video feed on GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun Facebook Page. Every night we talk about the Paranormal, Ufology, Bigfoot or just the unusual or interesting. On this page, you can check out past episodes, current events you can take part in or news about what’s going on. If you have any guest or topic requests, questions or general feedback please reach out to us at

Upcoming Paranormal Events (Click on image for more info):

Ghost Stories and Beyond January 3rd 2024

Join us for our January Ghost Stories and Beyond event as we have our special guest Joe Franke! Joe had started work investigating the Paranormal back in 1986 when Ed & Lorraine Warren took him under their wing. You know the Warrens, right? The Conjuring films are based on their investigations! Joe had been learning from them since 1986 and you can listen to all the stories and experiences he accumluated since then. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear all of these great stories! Joe can also talk about the cases he wasn’t on such as Amityville because Ed broke down the cases for Joe and explained what happened. Do not miss this amazing opportunity! Joe will be joining us via streaming but he will be interactive with us and take questions from the audience!

$10/ticket to get in which doen’t cover food/drink but don’t forget, burgers are half-priced at Billy’s!

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