Greg Bakun is Available to Host Your Show

Greg Bakun is available to host and take part in any media you want a professional, funny, enigmatic personality. Greg is the host of the popular radio show “GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun” broadcasting LIVE every weeknight at 10:00pm on AM950 Radio in the Twin Cities MN and also live streaming around the world. The show can also be found on Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and Spotify. On GhostBox Radio Greg interviews guests about the paranormal, ufology, Bigfoot or just the unusual!

Greg runs the show on his own from finding guests to board op. He does have help on Thursday & Friday shows but he handles all advertising and guest bookings himself.

Greg is a seasoned Paranormal Investigator, Intuitive and ITC Specialist with 15 years of experience. His favorite method of communicating with spirits is through the spirit box also known as the ghost box. Greg is passionate about bridging the gap between the metaphysical and paranormal by bringing together Mediums and Paranormal Investigators to work together to help each other to validate communication, share information and promote respectful investigations. Greg also runs ParaFriends Events that allows people to have a chance to investigate haunted locations and meet Paranormal celebrities.

Contact Greg for work:

Greg Bakun

Tel: 612-205-7150

e-mail: or

Examples of Greg on GhostBox Radio:

Hospice Care Worker: This anonymous caregiver talks about working at a Hospice to tell us what she has seen with her own eyes at the time of death of some of the patients in the hospice. (Paranormal)

Jeff Mudgett: The great-great grandson of H.H. Holmes, Jeff Mudgett, talks about the heinous crimes that Holmes did and whether he thinks the rumours are true that Holmes was in fact Jack the Ripper! (True Crime)

Scott Michaels: Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed. We talk about Old Hollywood and owning personal stuff that once was owned by the stars like Lucille Ball. Also what is it that keeps many of us fascinated with how stars died? (Old Hollywood)

The Exorcist Films: Fact vs. Reality: Greg speaks with Bishop Kristina who is an Exorcist & Demonologist about Film vs. Reality of what you see in a film like the Exorcist vs a real Exorcism. The truth may shock you. Plus Bishop Rake recounts her most recent Exorcism and the physical problems that caused her. (Demonology)

The Sounds of Bigfoot: Greg talks with Bigfoot Researcher Robert Robinson. Tonight we listen to known recordings of what many believe are actual recordings from the Cryptid creature. Robert will tell us some background thoughts on what is being said! (Bigfoot)

Witness to Roswell: Greg talks with Author/Researcher Donald R Schmitt who co-wrote the book “Witness to Roswell”. We are going to talk about this event that re-opened the talk about UFO sightings and whether the government is suppressing information. 75 years later after the event, what have we learned? (UFO)

Robert the Doll: Greg talks to David L Sloan. David watches over Robert the Doll which is a very haunted doll in Key West FL. We will talk about the background of the doll, what the doll has done to other people and also about David’s book. (Paranormal)

Example of a full episode of GhostBox Radio:

Greg talks with author, Lester Velez, Co-founder and Chairman of OPUS the Org. for Paranormal Understanding and Support, as we talk about his book “The Unknown Other and the Existential Proposition of Alien Contact”. Episode from 11.16.23. Also past episodes can be heard on the main page of